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Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

The mounting anchor makes it easier for you to get on your horse when it is not possible to mount from the ground. It can be used with a saddle, bareback pad or nothing at all. 


The idea is that a strap goes under your horse’s armpit on one side and hangs over the horse’s back to the other side holding a stirrup for you to use to mount up with. After mounting you remove the strap from under the horse’s armpit simply by unclipping it and stash it in your trail bag or pack. The strap that goes under your horse’s armpit is padded with a soft wool felt pad. You provide your own stirrup.


We offer a full length strap as seen in the video or a short strap (seen on the grey horse) that can clip to your pad or saddle on the off side to help stabilize your pad for mounting if you already have stirrups on your bareback pad/ saddle. Remove the strap after mounting and stow it away in your trail bag.


Please see the video provided.

Mounting Anchor/ Full or Short

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