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Use the "Add a Note" (below your products on the cart page) to tell me your bareback pad color choices (use number placement as seen on the product page)and to give me extra info about your order and to share a contact number with me in case I have questions about your order.

Carefully and thoroughly read the information on your product description before placing your order.

Please contact me with any questions.​ Let me know if something is complicated or if there is missing information on my website. I try very hard to make this website as user friendly as possible.

We are CURRENTLY 2-3 weeks out

Please note that we do not offer refunds on custom orders.

You can use the paypal option to pay with your Debit/Credit Card. Just proceed to pay with paypal but don't sign in when prompted to. At that point you should see an option to use a debit/credit card. Contact me if you have any trouble.

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