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Due to health issues I am temporarily closed to taking orders. I occasionally have a bareback pad listed on my facebook page.

My business is a one man show so occasionally I have glitches in my web info regarding pricing and or shipping charges. (If you want me to double check the shipping charge please contact me.) If a mistake comes to my attention I will contact you via the phone # you provided prior to shipping your order. 

Use the "Add a Note" (below your products on the cart page) to tell me the information needed (such as colors as is described on the product page and leather colors page) for me to complete your order. 


Please share accurate contact info with me and watch for a call, text or email from me about your order. If I have questions and cannot contact you I will refund your order rather than filling it incorrectly.

You can use the PayPal option to pay with your Debit/Credit Card. Just proceed to pay with paypal but don't sign in when prompted to. At that point you should see an option to use a debit/credit card. 

Please be available should I need to call you regarding your order. If you see my number come up please answer- 231.651.9142

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