Trailmaster Bareback Pads
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Designed and Produced in the USA

The Trailmaster Bareback Pad is contoured for a horse, not a saw horse. This not only helps your horse be more comfortable it also helps the pad stay in the correct position.


Our bareback pads are sturdy and will hold up well for 1000 miles or more if cared for properly. We use non-corrosive hardware. Each of our products are made on site with great attention to detail. Please contact us with any questions.

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My shop hours are 7 am to 4 pm (EST) Monday through Thursday

Contact me at 231.871.0953, or my favorite way to communicate is through messaging on my business FACEBOOK page. This contact info is also accessible below.

Your questions are most likely answered in the product description. If not, don't hesitate to call, message or email me.


 Jessica Roush 

Jessica is a horsewoman and commercial sewist. Her passion for horses and years of looking for just the right horse tack led her to begin designing and creating her own customized products that would best fit her needs and the needs of her horses. Now she ships her custom bareback pads all over the globe. 

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Trailmaster Bareback Pads

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All the pictures shown on this website are taken by ourselves, our affiliates, or our customers and are of actual products that we made ourselves.  We own them and all rights to them. You may not use any of the pictures on this website or the Trailmaster Bareback Pads FB page without permission.