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About Us


 Shipping Bareback Pads Worldwide 

My name is Jessica. I was born and raised in western Michigan. I've done a lot of horseback riding through the years and have always been partial to bareback riding. After spending too much time searching for a suitable bareback pad, I finally gave up and channeled that energy into designing one that would fit my needs. 

The first bareback pad I made for myself turned out well enough that I thought other frustrated bareback riders would appreciate my designs, too. With very little startup money but a lot of motivation, I began buying the materials and sewing my designs.

Most people find an industrial sewing machine pretty intimidating, to say the least. Fortunately, I had worked as an industrial sewer for a few boating companies as well as other sewing jobs. I know how to work with the powerful machine, heavy felt, marine grade canvas, and all the other materials used to make my bareback pads and accessories.

Starting this business has been a great creative outlet for me. From the design process all the way through to finishing the end product, I enjoy every bit of it. The icing on top is knowing that someone else will benefit from using the things I make.

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