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The Merino Wool Pad Liner is made with 100% Merino sheep wool on a synthetic fabric backing and the felt is 3/8" wool blend felt. This liner adds exra comfort for you and your horse and will help to keep your bareback pad clean. To clean just brush dirt off or vacuum any dried dirt then hose it off if neccesary. The medium/high size fits most unless you have extra low or extra high withers. The "low" option will have almost zero wither contour. The photos above show a bareback pad and liner for extra high withers. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


SPINAL RELIEF LINER: These are made with 100% merino wool on synthetic backing, 3/8" felt and shearling wool for the spinal relief pads. These shearling wool spinal relief pads are removable. The shearling attaches to a fuzzy polyester (called boat blanket) that is 1/8" thick and receives hook velcro. The shearling will compress quite a bit from the fluffy state they are in before they are used. The edges are grandually tapered due to the nature of the wool. The sheepskin hide can be trimmed to your personal needs but ONLY cut the leather, not the wool. The velcro is attached to the hide with adhesive so always grip the velcro as well as the shearling when pulling to remove from the felt.

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