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Soul Fruit

There are certain principles in life, that when violated produce results- Bad fruit.

There are certain principles in life, that when honored, produce results- Good fruit.

I confess that many times (and probably will again) I have violated basic principles that have resulted in fruit that has been painful/hurtful to myself and others.

Fruit grows. It grows- stop and think about that for a minute. You cannot force a plant to grow. You cannot will it to grow. It grows as a result of certain principles being met. What principles have to be in place for a plant to grow? When these principles are met the plant grows on it's own. It just happens.

Good fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, etc. What produces this "good fruit"? What principles in life when honored produce good fruit?

Bad fruit: fits of anger, cursing, idolatry, strife, jealousy, and the list goes on. What produces this "bad fruit"? What principles in life when violated produce bad fruit?

If you want the fruit of peace to grow and flourish in your life you must practice things that will actually produce peace. If you feed your spirit (meaning- think, talk about, watch, listen to etc...) things that are opposed to peace, you will not produce the fruit of peace in your life.

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