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Every day I work hard to make products that you will love, maintain my home, family and horses. Every morning is a new start. I made a bareback pad, trail bag and liner today. Tomorrow a breast collar and get the order shipped. Then another bareback pad. The plan is to clean my office, cutting room and sewing room on Friday. We'll see.

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Today I'll be trying something I've never done before. I'll attempt to sew three bareback pads in one day. Prep-work takes the longest. Some of that is already done which will speed things up considerably. I'll be working on orders 10252, 10253 and 10254. I'll also be making decisions about the fabrics for the skirts and ponchos and placing a new order for that today or sometime soon. There is currently $500 worth of skirt fabric lost in the mail somewhere. I am very concerned about placing a new order because of that.

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I sell bareback pads only. They have no tree so they will roll if you use stirrups with them. I do, however, offer stirrup straps for my bareback pads for those who understand that putting more pressure in one stirrup over the other will most likely cause it to roll. This is very dangerous and I warn people that it is likely you will have issues with stirrups on any bareback pad with no tree, such as ours. You can develop good riding habits that help you to use your stirrups less for balance and more for an occasional light "catch" of your balance. This is unpredictable and if knocked off balance badly your tendency will be to use the stirrups more aggressively to catch your balance, which may result in the pad rolling and you on the ground or worse having your foot stuck in your stirrup and drug by a terrified horse. That being said, our bareback pads are more stable than most and using the right equipment with it helps. My mare has high withers and a more prominent spine and my bareback pad with stirrups has never moved an inch much less rolled. But I cannot promise this for everyone.

There are a lot of different factors that affect the stability of any bareback pad on your horse. These are some of the factors that may affect the stability of your pad- your riding skill/habits, your horse's confirmation, the slipperiness of your horse's hair (like after using showsheen on the hair makes it very slippery) using a breast collar and it's location and fit, the type of liner you use between your horse and the pad, your ability to keep your seat not based on using stirrups for maintaining balance. Personally I use a slip resistant gel pad, a well fitting breast collar and a grippy girth. My mare is unpredictable and my skills are not what they used to be so I know I'm taking my chances. That is my choice. You are responsible for your own choices. There is inherent danger when riding no matter what. Using stirrups with a bareback pad does raise your chance of having a wreck.

Choose carefully. May the horse be with you. 🙂

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