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Trailmaster Bareback Pads


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Trailmaster Bareback Pads

The Trailmaster Bareback Pad is contoured like the shape of the back of a horse, not like a saw horse. This not only helps your horse be more comfortable it also helps the pad stay in the correct position. Our bareback pads are sturdy and will hold up well for 1000 miles or more if cared for properly.


The Trailmaster Bareback Pad has a 3/8" wool blend felt base and inside of each seat panel is 3/8" 10 lbs high density memory foam and 1/8" polyester pad. This bareback pad is strong and sturdy, protecting you and your horse from soreness that may occur without a pad or with a pad that is too soft.


If you are a heavier rider or concerned about extra comfort I recommend using the merino wool liner and or a quality saddle pad under your bareback pad, especially if you are using stirrups. Be careful to use a pad or liner that is smooth over the spine.


Using stirrups with a bareback pad is dangerous and can cause your horse soreness, as the pad does not have a tree to keep stirrup pressure off the spine and stable when you put more pressure in one stirrup over the other.


These bareback pads are not luxury items. People who ride bareback much understand the need for a good sturdy bareback pad that is contoured properly. The Trailmaster Bareback Pad will help you and your horse be more comfortable on long rides.


The padding in the seat does not go across your horse's spine. This allows your weight to be on the padding on both sides of the spine and less weight directly on top of the spine. I have several customers who are using their Trailmaster Bareback Pad for long distance riding with great success. Our beta tester has put 1200 miles on her original bareback pad. She's now upgraded to the new model but her original bareback pad still has a lot of life left in it! I have no reason to believe this bareback pad won't hold up for 2000 miles or more if cared for properly. We use marine grade, non corrosive, highly abrasion resistant, UV resistant materials.


Bareback pads are not saddles. Your bareback pad is designed to be a pad between you and your horse. It is not a safety device. If you are new to riding bareback do not be surprised if you feel wobbly and insecure when first starting off. Your balance will improve the more you practice. May the "horse" be with you. Happy riding!

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 Jessica Roush 

Jessica is a horsewoman and commercial sewist. Her passion for horses and years of looking for just the right horse tack led her to begin designing and creating her own customized products that would best fit her needs and the needs of her horses. Now she ships her custom bareback pads all over the globe. 

Happy Horses & Happy Riders

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“Love my bareback pad! Fits my horse Mazey fabulously and doesn't pinch or slide at all unlike so many other pads. It's padded very nicely too. I would totally recommend this in a heartbeat for anyone into bareback riding, it's awesome!”

Dee (Ohio, USA)

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