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Trailmaster "XL"- LEATHER



Visit our colors page to view our fabrics/ leather colors. If you choose a leather or suede leather please understand that it should not be left in a damp or humid environment or it will mold. For research and questions about leather visit 


Drop: 18" from the center at the base of the wither relief (along the girthline) to the first hole in the top of the billet and 26-27" to the bottom hole. From the front edge at the center line to the rear edge is 25".  The tail is approximately 20" wide from one side to the other. The fleece is 100% merino wool on a synthetic backing and the inner pad is a 3/8" wool blend felt.


Choose between black leather, brown leather, "crazy horse" (crazy horse is a very unique, worn looking water buffalo hide- a very tough leather) or suede leather for each panel.  Treat the leather the same as you would a good pair of boots or other leather product, with a leather conditioner/cleaner and or waterproofing made for leather/ suede leather.


We use stainless steel hardware.


The wither relief choices medium and high are the same and fit most withers unless you have extra high or extra low withers. You can see examples of wither sizes on our withers page


Please visit our "Colors" page to see our fabrics, leathers and color options.

    Leather Color
    Grippy Seat Panel Options
    Rigging Options-girth latigos not included


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