Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

Trailmaster "XL" (Synthetic Fabrics)


The Trailmaster "XL" bareback pad has merino wool fleece with 3/8" wool blend felt, with topper fabric of your choise with many color options and comes standard with our black grippy seat (rubber coated fabric or suede leather). This style allows you to feel even more connected with your horse while still providing enough padding between your bum and your horse to maintain comfort while out roaming the countryside on long trail rides. If you are looking for a bit more padding under your seat take a look at our original Trailmaster Bareback Pad which has an additional 1/2" padding inside of the seat panel and an optional fitted merino wool liner.


One size fits most. Drop: 18" from the center at the base of the wither relief (along the girthline) to the first hole in the top of the billet and 26-27" to the bottom hole. From the front edge at the center line to the rear edge is 25".  The tail is approximately 20" wide from one side to the other.


To view our colors please visit the "Colors" page. We offer two types of fabric- Sunbrella marine grade canvas which is breathable and water resistant or our new Naugahyde Universal which is highly abrasion resistant, UV resistant, waterproof and super easy to clean.

    Optional D-Rings

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