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Trailmaster Riding/Barn Skirt

Trailmaster Riding/Barn Skirt


*See note below.


I know I cannot handle making a complicated skirt and keep up with all of my regular orders as well as skirt orders so this is what compromise looks like. If you want a warm riding skirt, here you go.


Simple, minimalist style, one piece wrap skirt, this Trailmaster Riding Skirt is for cold/wet weather riding. One size fits most 34"- 50" waist and is 30-32 inches long. It splits in the front and is full in the rear. It closes with velcro.


Colors: The Cedar color fabric is waterproof, the brown is  lighter weight and water resistant. The inside of the fabric has fleece on it. Rain and wind resistant, this wrap will help keep you warm when riding in cold, wet weather. We also offer a polar fleece liner to go under this.


Velcro will be black, not white as the photo shows. I will also install a few D rings so you can use your own lace or tie to anchor the skirt when riding so the wind won't blow it around. 


The person who is modeling the skirt is 5'3" and 46" waist with a 30" inseam. This skirt is 31" long. 


*NOTE: I HAVE JUST PLACED AN ORDER FOR FABRIC AND EXPECT IT TO BE HERE WITHIN TWO WEEKS by November 30 if not sooner. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. 



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