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Trailmaster Riding Skirt

We now offer a riding skirt suited for cold weather riding conditions.  This is a very rugged skirt, intended to not only keep you warm but to protect your legs when riding where you may brush against branches or have to carry something that would be too rough against your normal winter gear.  I have used this skirt in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees down to 17 degrees with a wind chill of 0 degrees and stayed warm and dry.


We make this skirt to fit waist measurements from 30 inches up to 48 inches. The adjustment straps on the side of the waistband make it easy to adjust it in or out.

The finish makes it water repellent and helps increase the life of the canvas. It's a highly-durable canvas that's woven with a tight, plied yarn weave construction. This means you end up with a very strong material that is resistant to tearing. The refined wax finish helps it shed rain and moisture. Another benefit of waxed canvas is that it only requires a minimum of care to keep its appearance; washing typically isn't necessary. This wax formula is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and performs well in either hot or cold settings. The wax is very high quality and will not transfer to other surfaces under normal use.

Some say waxed canvas is similar to leather in the way it ages, patinas and lasts. With regular handling, you will see 'craze marks' or wrinkles. This is to be expected and is part of the highly-desirable characteristics of this material. These can be reduced with heat from a hair dryer, though most people prefer the 'worn' look, the 'character' that waxed canvas develops over time.


  • rugged, abrasion resistant shell
  • water and moisture repellent 
  • fleece lining
  • pockets
  • adjustment straps on sides of waistband
  • two way full length zipper
  • front corners connect up to waistband
    DESIRED LENGTH -from bottom edge of waistband down
    Color (see "colors" page for swatches)


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