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Trailmaster Treeless Reversible Merino Wool Fleece Saddle Pad

The Trailmaster Reversible Merino Wool Fleece Saddle Pad is made with 100% Merino Wool on synthetic backing. It includes a 3/8" memory foam pad insert. The front edge of the saddle pad opens with velcro so that you can remove the inner padding for cleaning or replacement.  We've included two 1/2" webbing loops at the front so you can add ties to use to attach to your saddle if needed. 


The Trailmaster Reversible Merino Wool Fleece Saddle Pad measures 27" long with a 17" drop and approximately 22" wide tail. Contact me if you would like a custom size.


The padding inserts are 5/8" thick. The merino wool is approximately 3/8" thick. These inserts are sized so that there is spinal clearance for using under a treeless saddle or bareback pad.


NOTE: We are developing a new treeless/ non treeless saddle pad similar to this with a material topper that will have many color options. You can keep an eye on our progress on our facebook page.



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