Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

Trailmaster "Max" (Synthetic Fabrics)


This bareback pad measures 19.5" long with a 16" drop. The foundation is 3/8" wool blend felt with 1/2" of padding just under the seat panel.


Most horses fall in the medium to high range for wither relief. You can use a high wither relief on a medium withered horse but do not use a wither relief that is too low for your horse or their withers will most likely experience soreness.


Our new material is EverSoft Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Fabric and is easy to clean and waterproof with superior UV, abrasion and mildew resistance.


We always use stainless steel or other non corrosive hardware.


The Trailmaster Max is identical to our Trailmaster Original Bareback Pad minus the wear leather and accent swirl. It is structurally identical in every other way. 


Visit our colors page to read about our fabrics and colors as well as find a link to more available.


Visit our withers page to see examples of wither sizes. 

    Seat Color
    Wither Relief


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