Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

The "Trailmaster Dressage Soft Saddle" is designed with a 19 inch flap, measured from the centerline at the base of the withers down to the billets.


Made with 3/8" synthetic felt base or upgrade to our 1/2 inch 100% wool felt base.


This dressage soft saddle comes with 6 stainless steel D rings.


The stirrup strap attachment has 2 locations to choose from under the stirrup skirt.  It comes with one pair of 1" biothane stirrup straps that adjust with a conway buckle. The straps have a 1/2" webbing loop at the top of the strap that laces through the location of your choice.


The easiest way to install your stirrup strap is to lace a cord from the back side (the felt side) to the top and tie it or hook it onto the loop of the stirrup strap and pull it through to the backside (the felt side) and install the clip securely. 


Please DO use a liner or saddle pad under this soft saddle if you are using the stirrups. Make sure your saddle pad is smooth- no noticable lumpy seams, ESPECIALLY along the spine. 


Warning! This soft saddle does not have a rigid tree in it so if you put more pressure in one stirrup over the other the pad may roll.

Trailmaster Dressage Soft Saddle