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Trailmaster Bar Booties Extended

Trailmaster Bar Booties are made for saddles using Stonewall Saddles Living Bar technology.


Bar Booties with the extended drop are made with 3/8" 100% pressed wool felt and either our Top Notch 11.5 marine grade canvas or Sunbrella Marine grade canvas. The Top Notch 11.5 is a bit heavier than the sunbrella but dos not offer as many color options. Both are breathable, highly abrasion resistant and UV resistant. 


Our F10 pressed wool felt is made from 100% Australian wool. There is an additional layer of 1/8" airy polyester between the wool and the canvas allowing your wool to dry more quickly. 


We offer different trim colors but the black will be the most color fast. The other trim colors may fade with an undetermined amount of sun exposure.


Inserts for your Bar Booties with pockets can be found under the product page for Bar Booty Inserts or click this link. Bar Booty Inserts


Bar Bootie Intro Video. /  Bar Bootie Instalation Video here. Visit our "Colors Page" to see larger color swatches.

    Top Notch 11.5 (TN)/ Sunbrella (S)
    Trim Color


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