Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

Trailmaster Bar Booties are made with 3/8" 100% pressed wool felt and marine grade canvas that is water resistant, breathable, highly abrasion resistant and highly UV resistant. View our canvas colors here- CANVAS COLORS


We offer 3 sizes, either 27" or 30" long and both with an 18" drop from the top edge of the pad itself at the base of the withers or our 27" without the extended drop- you would choose this style if you do not need something under your rigging (your latigoes and D-rings or billets). 


This pad is 1/2" thick if no inserts are installed. This saddle pad is NOT a one piece saddle pad. It is a set of two separate bar pads. These booties have a large pocket to add your choice of inserts to achieve the perfect thickness your horse needs. The pocket opens along the top edge with a locking zipper. One set of 1/4" foam inserts are included. See our "Bar Bootie Insers" page for more insert options.


---The 27" was designed specifically for the Stonewall Living Bar Saddle. For the stonewall living bar saddle you will need the optional hanger straps

---The 30" has been tested for fit on the Stonewall Living Bar Saddle, Specialized Saddle and the EZ-Fit Treeless Saddle and works well.


Bar Bootie Intro Video. /  Bar Bootie Instalation Video here

Trailmaster Bar Booties

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