Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

This optional stirrup package is for the RANGER OR MINI BAREBACK PAD ONLY. The Brumby does not get a stirrup package as it is not built for that.


The dressage soft saddle comes with a stirrup package so it is not necessary to add this product to your dressage soft saddle order.


Our new stirrup attachment design has two leg position options under the skirt flap. Choose the option that you want and insert the webbing loop into the hole and attach the clip on the back to keep it secure. If you have any difficulty doing this it is easy to lace a string or cord from the backside to the front and tie it onto the loop and pull the loop through to the back to attach your clip. Please make sure to put the loop on the center bar of the H clip and pull it securely into place.


For the RANGER: This option includes 1" biothane stirrup straps, a conway buckle for making adjustments and a pair of stirrup strap guards. Stirrups are not included. 


Please be aware that this is a bareback pad and does not have a rigid tree. If you put too much pressure in one stirrup over the other the pad can and may roll. I recommend using a slip resistant liner/pad against your horse and a well fitting breast collar. This cannot prevent the pad from slipping but it might assist in the stability.