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Shearling Wool Fleece Seat Pad

This is a new product and is still being refined. If you purchase this product it may be slightly different than the one you see here due to subtle changes.


This thick shearling wool pad ($69) makes riding even more comfortable for you and your horse. It has cutouts for your legs which helps to alow for less strain on your hips when riding a horse that is more broad than your hips are comfortable with.


The 1/4" high density foam pad ($10) under the shearling creates just a bit more lift and cushion under your bum.  It is installed with velcro so you can easily make adjustments.


Cantle Wedge ($30): This canvas covered foam wedge gives you a slight cantle feel.  It installs to the bottom of the shearling seat cover with velcro so it can easily be adjusted back or forward according to your needs. There are loops on the side of this wedge so you can use your own lace to tie it to the D rings if you want to use it on your bareback pad without the shearling cover.


The shearling seat pad ties right on to the thoughtfully placed D rings on your bareback pad. We have left the edges of the pad raw so you can trim it as needed. This is a very simple fix to an age old problem. It's made a world of difference to my hip comfort when riding my big TWH.


    Foam Seat Pad
    Cantle Wedge
    Shearling Seat Cover


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