Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

This shearling seat cover is displayed on our new Trailmaster Dressage Soft Saddle. 


This shearling seat cover has cutouts for your legs which help to lessen strain on your hips when riding a horse that is more broad than you are comfortable with. The edges of the shearling are left raw so you can trim it to your own needs.


Cantle Wedge: This wedge is an adjustable cantle. It installs to the bottom of the shearling seat cover with velcro so it can easily be adjusted back or forward according to your needs. It may be used without the shearling seat cover by tying it to the ds on the bareback pad but it cannot be adjusted forward any further forward than the D rings allow.  IMPORTANT- IF YOU ARE ORDERING A CANTLE WEDGE ONLY PLEASE STATE IN THE "NOTES" OPTION WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT THE VELCRO ON IT. If you are ordering a shearling seat cover with cantle wedge, it will automatically get the velcro so that it will stick to the bottom side of the shearling.


Hip Saver Pad: This is a small 1/2 inch seat pad that attaches to the bottom of your shearling to give you a slight bit more lift. This may help to create a more narrow twist. 

Shearling Seat and Cantle Wedge