Trailmaster Bareback Pads & Accessories

This shearling seat cover has cutouts for your legs which help to lessen strain on your hips when riding a horse that is more broad than you are comfortable with. The edges of the shearling are left raw so you can trim it to your own needs.


The foam pad under the shearling creates just a bit more lift and cushion under your bum. This provides a little extra relief if your hips tend to feel spread too far when riding. It is not a cure for every situation but does assist with this some.  It is easy to trim to meet your own personal need. It is installed with velcro so you can make adjustments easily. 


Cantle Wedge: This wedge is an adjustable cantle. It installs to the bottom of the shearling seat cover with velcro so it can easily be adjusted back or forward according to your needs. If you order the cantle wedge alone without the shearling seat cover it comes without velcro and ties to the rear Ds instead of attaching to the bottom of the shearling. It is not as adjustable forward and back when using it without the shearling.


I've had very good responses to this set up. If you feel like your legs are spread too far apart when riding, this may help. Add a bareback pad with the contoured seat padding and it will help even more.

Shearling Seat and Cantle Wedge