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Trailmaster Merino Wool Fleece Bar Booties

Trailmaster Merino Wool Fleece Bar Booties


These Bar Booties were designed for the Stonewall Saddle with Living Bars.  Our fleece is 100% merino wool on a heavy weight snythetic backing. Bar Booties are made with either Top Notch 11.5 or Sunbrella Marine Grade Canvas. Both of these canvases are highly UV resistant as well as highly abrasion resistant.


This saddle pad is a set of two separate bar pads. At the widest points each half measures 27" x 14". The front edge of each pad opens and closes with velcro so you can add or subtract the inner padding to meet your horse's current needs.


The Bar Booties attach securely to each bar separately using our simple strap/velcro system. When your Bar Booties are dirty just remove them from the bars, remove the inner padding and toss them in the wash. Allow them to air dry thoroughly. 





Bar Bootie Intro Video. /  Bar Bootie Instalation Video here. Visit our "Colors Page" to see larger color swatches.


Included are two sets of pad inserts- one set of 3/8" foam and one set of 1/4" foam. The 1/4" foam has a layer of airy polyester material sewn onto it, (making it 3/8" thick) that accepts hook velcro, should you need to add a custom shim for any reason. 


If you prefer wool felt inserts we offer a luxurious 3/8" thick 100% Australian wool felt insert. You can find it on the main saddle pad page or use this link Wool Felt Inserts.


We also offer a rigging cover on the Saddle Pad page. This pad covers your rigging billet D or O. Click here to be directed there- "Rigging Covers"

    Shell / Foam Inserts
    Trim Color


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